Manual Tensioners

During securing the cargo, tensioners are required for tightening straps with buckles.

Normally manual tensioners are used because :

  • It allows to apply tension in very easy & user friendly way.
  • It is made from the hardened steel material & high quality steel body.
  • It has less wear & tear problems compared to automatic tools.
  • It has a very low initial cost.
  • It is very light weight tool.
  • Can be used at multiple locations as taking it from one place to another is easy.
  • Long life & easy maintenance.

Pneumatic Tensioners

We have pneumatic tool which is having following features :

  • Good ways of tensioning can be handled especially when the strap cannot be pre-tighten around the package.
  • By its high tensioning force the pneumatic tensioner guarantees the optimum pretension of textile and composite strap up to 34mm widths. The integrated cutting device allows working without previous cutting of the used material and therefore most minimum consumption of strapping material.
  • Especially suitable when pre-tightening of the strap is not possible.
  • Low weight, app. 3.8 kg and thus easy handling.
  • High tensioning power, max 7.500 N.
  • Always constant tensioning by prefix of the working pressure.

We can arrange demo at customer’s site to show the performance of this pneumatic tool.

We have a team of service engineers with all spares available at Pune so as to render quick after sales services to customers.


  • It is a portable device for keeping straping products.
  • Straps can be placed securely in this trolley.
  • It is very easy to handle.
  • For operator, it is very useful as keeping straps, buckles & tensioner at one place is possible.
  • Helps in having good housekeeping as all required products are in one place while securing the cargo.

Multitech Products offers a variety of strapping tensioners, trolleys, and dispensers, pneumatic and manual tensioners for a wide range of applications. Our products are designed to provide a secure and efficient way to strap packages and pallets for transportation. Our strapping tensioners are dependable and easy to use, and our trolleys can help keep your workspace organized. Our pneumatic tensioners are great for high-volume applications, and our manual tensioners are an economical way to tension straps. With our extensive selection, you’re sure to find the right solution for your strapping needs.

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